Tourism in Canada

Canada is one of the countries with the best quality of life in the world, its economy, its road infrastructure, its multicultural immigration, its educational and technological level, and its social security have made this nation one of the most desirable for immigrants to live in recent years.

Year after year more than 250 thousand people travel to Canada to become permanent residents with their families.

Canada has a high level of literacy and education among the population, so culturally it also has a wide range of offerings ranging from music and the arts in general, to the option of getting to know the country through its beautiful tourist cities and less frequented corners, but equally diverse in terms of races and ways of life.

From its history, we can perceive such adversity, both in the not entirely tangible division of the French Coast and the English Coast, as well as by the different cultures that coexist in the country. Making reference, here, to the natives, called Canadian Indians, to whom reserves have been assigned along with a series of ecological and cultural aspects; on the other hand, making reference to the migrants who have gradually become part of the usual life of Canada, that is, people arriving from Europe, the United States, Asia, or even Latin America.

Migration to Canada has increased in recent years, primarily because of the quality of life in that country and the supply of jobs in large cities, for example: Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver.

At the same time, the need for Canadians to continue to populate the territory, since it is so vast and the distances are so great between the different settlements.

Among its most visited tourist cities for the type of landscape, flora and fauna, are Montreal and Quebec, where the French language is spoken and the type of life in those places could be considered a little more European tendency than in the part that was an English colony, which is currently a little more industrial and with a notable influence from the United States. At VISA CND, we are ready to guide you in the best decision of your life, living in Canada.


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