Provincial Programs

Canada is a multicultural country, each province and territory has its own history, manages its own economy and can choose the type of immigrants according to its needs. At VISA CNDOur immigration experts know which program fits your profile so that you can successfully apply for residency.

That is why the Federal Government decided to sign agreements with the provinces and territories on the issue of provincial immigration.

10 provinces has an independent immigration program that tailors its needs for skilled workers, temporary workers and investors to each region's market.

In order to apply, the candidate must first obtain a provincial nomination certificate according to the requirements of each province.

Processing times are much faster than the federal program and in many cases allow the applicant to work in parallel while their residency visa is being processed.

At VISA CND, our experts can give you the best guidance on your chances of immigrating to Canada under the provincial nomination program.

Alberta PNP (AINP)

British Columbia PNP

Manitoba PNP

New Brunswick PNP

Newfoundland and Labrador PNP

Nova Scotia PNP

Ontario PNP

Prince Edward Island PNP

Saskatchewan PNP (SINP)

Yukon PNP(YNP)


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