Canadian Experience Class 2023 Program

By: VisaCND

February 22, 2023

Canadian experience class

Canadian Experience Class CEC is the immigration pathway for skilled workers who have Canadian work experience.

Canadian Experience Class CEC is the immigration pathway for skilled workers who have Canadian work experience and wish to live in Canada as permanent residents.

The CEC is one of three immigration programs managed by the Express Entry Program. The other two immigration programs are the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) and the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP).

What are the advantages of the Canadian Experience Class?

If you are applying for a PR visa for Canada through the category Canadian Experience Classwill have the following three advantages: You will have at least one year of Canadian work experience. This provides additional CEC points to your express entry profile.

Due to the lower number of documents required from the candidates CECIf you do not have a visa, applications are processed much more quickly, with the ideal cases taking three to four months. You will not be required to prove that you have the funds to establish yourself.

How to apply for a Canada PR visa through the CEC program?

You can apply for a PR visa from Canada with the CEC program by following the simple steps below:

1 Obtaining a Canadian Work PermitWith a work permit, you will be allowed to work in Canada, which is a mandatory requirement for this program.

2 Obtain Canadian work experience: A minimum of one year of work experience is required to be eligible for this program.

3 Meet minimum eligibility criteria: You need to make sure that you meet all the minimum requirements for this program.

4 Create an express entry profile: By filling in your credentials, you can now create your express login profile and join the express login group.

5 Receiving an ITAIf you can pass the last CRS score cut, then you will be eligible to receive an ITA in the last round of invitations.

6 Submit your Canadian public relations visa application: You will have 60 days to submit your application with all the appropriate sets of documents such as medical and PCC, etc.

7 Review of the application: Your application will be evaluated and your background will be checked.

8 Obtain your Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR): Upon successful evaluation of your Visa application, you will obtain your COPR for permanent resident of Canada.

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