Family leave

By: VisaCND

January 19, 2023

Family work permit

Canada opens its doors to the families of workers with work permits!

2023 arrives with good news for families who want to migrate to Canada. According to the announcement made by the Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser, in which he talks about extending the work permits open to spouses and dependent children of principal applicants coming through a number of temporary programs.

This will enable more than 200,000 workers who have family members in Canada -or who are coming to Canada - to remain with their loved ones and work while they are here to support themselves.

This policy change will be implemented in 3 phases to allow them to continue to come and be with their families people who are simply not among the most qualified professions.

The first phase

It will affect people coming through the high wage streams from the Foreign Worker Program Temporary, the International Mobility Program and the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program. It is expected to start operations at the beginning of the year.

The second phase

It will seek to expand, after consultation with the provinces and territories, access to the same standards for people who come through the lower wage streams, so that people who are here, making a contribution to the economy, will have access to the same standards as those who come through the lower wage streams. CanadaThey do not have to make the difficult decision to be separated from their families. children or spouse while doing so.

The third phase

It will allow this program to be potentially expanded to include the workers' families agricultural. However, this will require serious consultation with the provinces and territories, as there are certain implications around housing requirements and other services that are of mixed jurisdiction.

This policy change is going to have an incredible impact on the Canadian economy, allowing a couple of hundred thousand workers to come in to fill gaps in the workforce. But it's also going to make the immigration system more compassionate by recognizing that a person who is here, making a contribution to the economy, deserves to be with their loved ones while making that contribution.

The minister also assures that opportunities will continue to be created for more people to come to Canada to contribute to economic well-being and to make the system more compassionate at the same time.

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