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Canadians attach great importance to learning and have developed a world-class education system with very high standards. The country invests in education (as a percentage of gross domestic product) a larger budget compared to the average of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and is the second among the group of 8 countries. Studying an academic program in Canada allows you the possibility to qualify for permanent residence under the "Fast Track Entry" program.

At VISA CND, we represent hundreds of schools, universities and colleges authorized by the Canadian government, where short, medium and long term academic programs are offered, giving students the opportunity to apply for residency under the Canadian Experience program at the end of their studies.

Having a good advice in the academic choice is vital for the future, that is why in VISA CND, we have experts in educational issues that will guide you effectively in choosing a program according to your needs and projects.

¡Write to us so that an expert in education can contact you as soon as possible, and in turn our experience in the processing of visas as a Canadian immigration firm, is a support to have a clear, responsible and effective process at the end of your goals.!

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