Foreign students will be able to work longer hours

By: VisaCND

November 17, 2022

Study and work in Canada

Good news for international students in Canada or planning to study and work in this country!

According to the announcement made by the Canadian government those international students who have permission to work Off-campus students may apply for the benefit of studying and working in Canada from November 15, 2022 until December 31, 2023, without being restricted to the 20 hours per week limit.

The Government of Canada The company expects that with this measure the foreign students to have the possibility of obtaining a better income to cover their expenses, and at the same time to broaden their experience in the international labor market, while alternating their studies. professional studies in Canada.

As the economy has been growing at a faster pace, employers need to hire new workers to meet the economic growth. This is why Canada needs to consider all options to have the skills and workforce needed to fuel the country's growth.

Immigration will be crucial to addressing labour shortages, the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada said.

In addition, in a press release the Canadian government explains that to achieve these objectives they require an estimated new emigrants in the country of 431,000 by 2022 and close to 447,000 in 2023, among which they expect to receive international students who are willing to improve their professional level in the country and to be able to work and study abroad.

However, it is important to note that the communiqué expresses that students who have work permit are those that advance a post-secondary program and does not apply to foreign students who are taking a language course, either English or French.

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