For the spousal visa program, the Government of Canada has announced a number of important changes to the immigration process.

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Tips to avoid immigration fraud

At VISA CND we want you to achieve your dream of living in Canada, so here are some tips to help you avoid becoming a victim of immigration fraud

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5 Myths about migrating to Canada

5 myths about migration to Canada that we are going to mention have misled people and have lost the chance

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Canadian Experience Class 2023 Program

Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is the immigration pathway for skilled workers who have Canadian work experience.

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Family leave

Work permit for families, Canada opens its doors to the families of workers with work permits.

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Advantages of living in Canada

Living in Canada offers many advantages, since it is considered one of the best countries in the world for immigration because it offers excellent options

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Foreign students will be able to work longer hours

Foreign students can now study and work in Canada for more than 20 hours per week, according to a new announcement by the Canadian government.

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Family Sponsorship Program in Canada

Family class immigrants are persons who are sponsored by a close relative to come to Canada. Sponsors must be Canadian citizens

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3 Reasons to migrate to Canada

People decide to migrate from their home country for many different reasons. Although the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland are popular destinations, there is one country that stands out: Canada!

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Welcome to Canada: A historic step for British Columbia

The province of British Columbia is heading towards a new step in Canada's immigration history. Beginning in 2021, through new federal policies

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During the holiday season, experience the magic of the Plains of Abraham museum at home.

To brighten up your holiday season, the Plains of Abraham Museum has prepared a Christmas scavenger hunt to enjoy from home.

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