5 Myths about migrating to Canada

By: VisaCND

March 21, 2023

Migration to Canada

Many of the myths we are about to mention have misled people into missing out on the great opportunity to immigrate to Canada.

Many of the myths we are about to mention have deceived people and have caused them to miss the great opportunity to immigrate a Canada. That's why you should know these myths before you start your plan.Applying for a visato know what steps to take and what to expect.

Statistics don't lie, in fact, the reality is often the exact opposite of some of the biggest myths and false about the immigration in Canada. Only by truly examining the statistics on everyday situations can we begin to truly understand the most common myths about immigration to Canada:

1 - Immigrants bring crime to Canada

According to the International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy, immigrants are "far less involved in criminal activity than those born in Canada." Immigrants who want to start their lives in Canada pose very little risk to the national security. Upon arriving in Canada, newcomers seek security for themselves and their families.

2 - Foreign-trained professionals are not as qualified as Canadian-trained professionals.

Approximately 40% of professionals who have been trained abroad in a particular field and then emigrated to Canada work in the same field in Canada.

These professionals have to undergo rigorous training and additional accreditation before being able to work in their chosen profession in CanadaThis includes additional training and stringent testing to ensure that they are as qualified as Canadian professionals.

It is important to know that foreign-trained professionals must have credentials reviewed by accredited Canadian evaluation bodies in order to work in their field.

3 - I can become a Canadian permanent resident (PR) by buying a property in Canada.

At this time, there is no immigration program linked to the purchase of property in Canada. Consequently, you may NOT immigrate to Canada by purchasing only residential, commercial or industrial property.

4 - I do not need an IELTS test to immigrate to Canada as an investor.

This is NOT entirely true. To meet immigration requirements regarding language proficiency, you can choose between IELTS General Training or CELPIP for English exams; or TEF or TEF for French exams.

5 - I can apply for a visa to start a business in Canada even if the business idea is not real.

When we talk about Canada's start-up visa program, the idea must be genuine. This means that the business idea must be innovative, show how it can create jobs for Canadians and compete on a global scale. As important as the financial investment is, the business idea itself must meet the requirements of the program.

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